Our Story

KOLA started out as a small family company back in 1992, with the vision of becoming the best distribution company in the region with the best structure and state of the art software solutions, a real leader in introducing global novelties. Since the very beginning, KOLA has made quality its only measure of success.

Continual investments in its employees, professionalism in all processes and high standards in its operations have made KOLA a company that moves boundaries on the regional market.

The numerous integrated systems that represent the basis for KOLA’s work contribute to top quality implementation, broad analysis of operations and permanent improvement of all processes. The success is also based on the responsibility of the company in all business aspects, but also the maximum commitment and professionalism of more than 240 employees .

All of this is confirmed by the years-long cooperation with most of the principals,

some of which from the very beginning of their business journey.

KOLA is a distributer of world-famous brands for personal care and home hygiene, food products and beverages. By fostering partnership and exchange of know-how with the principals, we are growing together, conquering new horizons in sales and distribution.

KOLA has a total of 10.192 sqm of warehouse capacity with 9.209 pallet spots at a single location, constructed and equipped in line with all the standards for storage and management of the different types of products that KOLA has in its portfolio.

The products transportation is carried out by the company KOLA LOGISTIKA, established with the aim of providing highest quality, safe and secure transportation of commodities. The fleet is comprised of 21 trucks, 22 vans, 75 minivans and 21 cars. KOLA has transferred its long-standing experience also to the company TOTAL PLUS LOGISTIKA , which has been independently operating in the same field since 2010.

We are not different in what we do, but in how we do it.

We deliver the best to the best.