why us?

As a company that always looks to the future, we always use advanced information technologies in our work, in order to keep our leading position on the market.

Since the very beginning, we have implemented state of the art ERP software (UPIS) supporting the overall operation of the company, which in itself contains B2B approach, cutting edge and tailor-made WMS adapted to our needs, operating on a First Expired First Out (FEFO) system.

Our management in the decision-making process relies on a highly developed controlling function that provides a wide range of reports and indicators. The continuous monitoring of the business operations using modern BI software (Data Sense Business Intelligence Software)

in the process of management enables real-time control, monitoring and analysis of all business functions, thus becoming a real advisor and partner to the management in the decision-making process.

The controlling development continues with the implementation of the Sales Controlling module within project Front Line Sales Management, which on the other hand, supports the sales power of our company. It is an additional tool enabling maximum use of the market on which we operate. The FLSM application has been implemented for the purpose of supporting the Sales Controlling.

A GPS system is installed in all our vehicles and the data is synchronized in Data Sense BI.

The management is accountable for the decisions it takes, while the controlling for the information used for making those decisions. VIEW CERTIFICATE