The Company KOLA LOGISTIKA , which operates in-house for companies KOLA and TOTAL PLUS LOGISTIK, is in charge of timely delivery.

The entire distribution process is coordinated from a central warehouse in Skopje, involving on daily bases 39 cargo vehicles, of which 18 vans and 21 trucks.

The capacity of the cargo vehicles ranges between 1,100kg and 10,000kg. This fleet enables efficient servicing of both small and big clients.

Our 39 drivers make 5,100 km a day , and over 1,400,000 km a year.

Over the course of a year , the KOLA LOGISTIKA fleet delivers 21,000 tonnes of commodities to 3,600 clients.

Our vehicles every day go to over 530 locations across the country.

For a more efficient delivery, four Cross Docking points have been set up nationwide, where eight vehicles take over a portion of the commodities sent from the Skopje-based warehouse, for the purpose of delivery to the most remote parts of the country within a maximum of 48 hours after receiving the order.

We are on a constant look-out for novelties on the global level that we try to introduce in our operations.

In addition to the existing GPS, we are currently implementing a new Transport Management System that is synchronised on daily basis with the BI system in controlling, providing various reports such as reports on cost per delivery, delivery efficiency, route profitability as well as key indicators on the efficiency per employee, customer etc.