The Distribution Company KOLA officially completed the construction of a new distribution center in December 2018. Along with the existing warehouse, it has 10.192 sqm of storage capacity and 9.209 pallet points at a single location.

Specialized warehouse for HPC products – 1.960 sqm with 1.768 pallet points

Warehouse for food and HPC products – 8.232 sqm with 8.284 pallet points

The total size of the new distribution center stands at 8,232 sqm, including a ground floor of 3.957 sqm, a basement of 3.883 sqm and a gallery of 392sqm. For more effective and efficient operations in the new distribution center, the existing software for warehouse operations according to First Expired First Out (FEFO) standard has been upgraded.

The highest safety standards complying with European norms have been introduced: sprinkler system, separate room for biocide products and separate room for flammable materials. As standards require, the facility is designed to separate the chemical from the food products, but still linking them to the administrative and logistical sections by a transit road.

Special attention has been paid to the ISO and HASAP standards.

The area designated for meals and breaks is designed in a way that employees must go through a separate toilet section before and after meals, in order to maintain the hygiene procedure of all employees who come in contact with food products, despite the fact that products are packaged.

The separate Co-Pack department with over 200 sqm is expected to respond to the market requirements for making sets, campaigns for special purposes etc. The Co-Pack department is linked to the warehouse through a cargo elevator, which enables swift transport of packaged products to the commissioning part. The Co-Pack department has 14 employees.

In keeping up with the constant growth of the Lavazza brand, a separate storage section has been constructed to support the Lavazza service, providing fast logistics and services for clients.

In order to channel the process of receiving and delivering commodities, the section for reception is separated from the delivery section by 12 professional ramps procured from the Swedish brand ASSA ABLOY.

This separation helps us minimize errors in storing and commissioning, but also speed up logistics.

Having in mind safety standards, there is a separate room for forklift loading. When forklifts are procured, we abide by the principles of practicality and quality as well as adherence to environmental standards.

There is a separate archive facility where we keep all the documents from the past 15 years, and it is connected to the existing software for warehouse operations.

The entire investment also incorporates a special pallet racking system (Drive In) and a fully equipped warehouse (racking forklifts, special forklifts for loading and unloading, machine for transport of foil and paper, fully furnished offices, sophisticated video surveillance system, access control system, new hand held computers, etc).

The new warehouse has helped in optimising the processes, as well as fast and efficient delivery. The effects are expected to be long-term.